Understanding the potential of Trade121 & T121

Trade121 is an exciting and highly prospective business opportunity that brings innovative technology to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. Trade121 believes we can intelligently mitigate risk and increase the speed of transactions in the Forex market through the utilization of its T121 token. Trade121 is a trading platform and payment gateway system for the Forex industry, the world’s largest financial market. T121 is an essential utility coin which will continue to appreciate in value as usage increases in the forex market and through the use of T121 in numerous transaction process.

Trade121 was developed by professionals from the various financial industries with extensive experience in developing and deploying high-load web systems. Our combined experience helped forge a platform which is unlike any other on the binary option market. Our goals are complete customer satisfaction, and expansion as well as innovation of the binary options market through the use of blockchain technology.

Trade121 is a powerful digital platform that bridges the gap between brokers and traders thus, they can easily convert fiat currency to T121 tokens. After the investment into T121, the trader receives 100% credit into their personalized secure online wallet. This means the individual can start trading immediately. When the conversion has been done and securely logged onto the blockchain, it can be converted to any Trade121 forex pairs. Traders then use the forex credit to participate in the market. When the trading stops, the trader can convert the credit back into T121 or any other digital currency. There is, however, an option to keep the credit and trade with it at a later date or withdraw it into fiat currency through the Forex trading platform, at minimal cost.

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