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Foreign exchange is undoubtedly the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with a trading rate of 5.4 trillion dollars a day. This is even larger than the crypto market as it only manages to exchange 4.8 billion dollars in one day. The foreign exchange market involves buying, selling and exchanging currencies electronically using computer networks.

Overall, large forex platforms and broker platforms normally host investors that have over hundreds of millions of dollars daily. However, is it really fair to say that they truly have that amount if most of it is associated with unnecessary fees? In addition, if a trader wants to exchange one currency for another, they incur a fee of 5-7% of the whole transaction amount. Moreover, there is a lack of consistency regarding broker fees due to lack of standardization. A cost-saving solution is needed so that these investors can get the most out of their trading, and that solution is T121. Crypto investors are given the opportunity to participate in Forex trading using secure T121 so as to mitigate the problem of high market volatility by hedging. They can also swap their crypto for a more stable fiat currency until the market has stabilized. How awesome is that?

Trade121 aims to create a large, international, eco-friendly community on a digital platform that is made to meet the demands of Forex premium brokers and traders. By integrating these two markets, we introduce crypto-investors to the Forex platform, allowing them to diversify their investments. Similarly, participants of the Forex market will benefit from the incorporation of cryptocurrency usage within the new Trade121's Forex structure, as exposure to cryptocurrency introduces traders to new forms of investment opportunities. The primary focus will be premium brokers who require a new transaction method which is made cheaper and faster through the use of blockchain technology. T121 is an essential utility coin which will continue to appreciate in value as usage increases in the forex market and through the use of T121 in numerous transaction process. This will provide a platform with both established users and significant daily volumes, which will steadily increase the price of T121 over time.

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