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A platform that brings growth while trading Forex. T121 Trading is rapidly gaining popularity among the Forex community..

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Trade121 is committed to building a better brokerage for our traders.

With Trade121 it is easy to make money trading Forex. We strive to provide the best customer experience and give the widest opportunities to our traders. All charges and fees are disclosed to you beforehand and there will be no hidden costs. We believe in fair business trading. Our SSL certified platforms ensure that all the information is safe which makes our platforms 100% safe and secure.

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate trading experience. We are constantly looking to provide innovative technology solutions, quality pricing, and transparent execution that will help our traders navigate and trade the financial markets with ease and confidence.

Powerful Trading App apps

You can enjoy trading from wide range of Forex and Investment portfolio using this simple and user-friendly Online App and also monitor the trends in the market from anywhere.


The Forex markets can flip in seconds. That’s precisely the reason why you need a next generation powerful trading app to keep pace with the live market. You can view real-time intra-day charts, current stock prices of your favorite companies, live market Indices and also keep track of your market positions using this user-friendly online App.

  • Lower Risk
  • More Profitable
  • Simpler Assets Handling
  • Easier to Learn


T121 aims to shift the center of the gravity from traders to users in order to create a horizontal and interactive digital trading ecosystem. All participants of T121's decentralized Trade Exchange structure are fully secured and benefited at every stage of transaction.


Feb 8, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of T121 for sale

900,000 T121 (9%)


Feb 20, 2018 (11:00AM GMT)

T121 exchange rate

1 ETH = 650 T121, 1 BTC = 1940 T121

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

1 ETH/ 1 BTC/ 1 LTC

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Looking for answers to your questions? The answers are there as fast as you can click. Simply click on the appropriate question from the lists below and the answers will show up. If your question isn’t answered here please contact our team.

Trade121 is the trading platform on which you do your binary trades. All trades are performed in USD and your earnings are moved into a T121 wallet. The money that is accumulated in your T121 wallet can be moved back into your trading account instantly at anytime.

T121 is a digital currency that we use for our trading platform and investors. T121 can be easily purchased from any of our trusted partners across the globe. You may submit a ticket requesting us for contact information about a partner at your location and your preferred mode of payment methods.

Trade121 is a very powerful binary trading platform used by thousands of users worldwide. Trade121 uses "share and win" methodology on our trading concept. The brokerage Commission that we make out of the trades that you place are again credited back into your T121 account as growth.

The primary focus of T121 is transparency. We are in the process of integrating T121 into the blockchain to provide open ledger transactions that can be verified instantly through unique Transaction Keys that is only disclosed to the user transacting with T121.

T121 is a very stable digital currency that is used to power the Trade121 platform. Trusted by thousands of users globally for online trading needs, T121 is extremely stable and promises a stable growth over the years.

The profit dividend from every traits that are placed by users are again shared as gains back to your T121 wallet. This means for all trades that other users make through the platform, you are directly benefited by simply holding T121. So this means the more T121 you hold in your wallet, your dividend will be greater.

"No" trading is not mandatory. You can trade if you wish, most of our investors do not know trading and they simply hold T121 inside their wallet and get regular automated payments for holding T121.

Most ICOs in the market do not have a proper platform to operate and they only have a roadmap which is a projected workplan of their ideas. Whereas with T121 you do real trading and instantly benefit from the brokerage transaction fee that the company makes as dividend into your wallet in realtime.

Starting your binary trade with Trade121 is very easy and straight forward. You can quickly sign-up for an account, complete your KYC, fund your T121 wallet and begin trading. The entire process takes less than 1 hour. If your account is already verified, funding and subsequent trading process is instantaneous.

Yes we do offer demo accounts for customers who have completed their KYC. This is because we wish not to provide demo accounts for every sign-up and we wish to focus on only trusted clients who trust in our platform.

To complete your KYC we will require your proof of identification and your postal address. Typically this can be quickly processed by simply providing your front and back copies of your passport which contains both identification and address proof. If you wish to provide your drivers licence we will require an additional form of verification such as an utility bill.

The minimum deposit amount to begin your binary trade is just $25 USD or 30 T121. You can quickly fund your account using any of the payment methods offered on our website. If you wish to pay through any other alternative methods or through your local currency please contact our support desk.

Your trading balance can be withdrawn into your T121 wallet instantly. All T121 get growth dividend from the Trade121 platform for the duration of holdings. This amount from your T121 wallet can be moved at any time into your trading account to begin your trades.

T121 can be converted into your local currency at any time. To do this you can instantly move your T121 balance onto another T121 user's account and exchange the token for your preferred local currency.

The Trade121 Partner Program has been designed to give you an exponential growth benefit. Please refer to our marketing brochures for a detailed guideline on the benefits of using the Trade121 platform. If you wish to receive this brochure through an email please contact our support desk.

After you login to your client area, click on your T121 wallet balance. Here you can use the quick transfer option to quickly move your T121 into any other T121 wallet of your choosing. All transfers are instantaneous and the recipient can access their T121 funds instantly.

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